Gandhi... valores para una propuesta de futuro

23 pontificia universidad católica de puerto rico reform from within: women Gandhi saw the effects of displacement on migrants up close in South Africa. Alcoholism, violence against women, both of which are familiar here in Puerto Rico, was common. Gandhi said change must begin from within, so the first thing he insisted on in his marches, was the safety of women. It was outside India that he began his campaign for the public safety of women. Any society that wishes to fight oppression must first end male privilege. this was the situation of women, transplanted like chattel. One female to 9 to 10 males for cooking and washing is enough. Quoting a company’s correspondence with Gladstone, father of the British Prime Minister, of the first ‘hill coolies’ transported to Guyana (Tinker [1974: 63]1). Gandhi was shocked at the demoralization this had wrought: Women, who in India would never touch wine, are sometimes found lying dead-drunk on the roads (Gandhi 2000, vol. 15: 75) . But, after his march and campaign, these women became heroes in satyagraha: We husband and wife [he and Kasturba] are not the only ones in SouthAfrica who have gone to gaol… A young girl of 17, (Valliamma Mudaliar) fresh from Vanitha Visram, went to gaol and her husband too. (Gandhi in Gujarati Mitra ane Gujarati Darpan, 7-1-1916) the woman question helped end the entire system. With CF Andrews help the “woman question” was brought to the attention of British rulers and helped end indenture. Their meeting reminds us again of Gandhi’s identification with indentured laborer in his dress. Andrews says at his first meeting: He [Henry Polak] pointed to an ascetic figure with head shaven, dressed in a white dhoti and kurta of such coarse material as an