Gandhi... valores para una propuesta de futuro

36 gandhi... valores para una propuesta de futuro House, Delhi, and taught there for a while. After a short period as a postdoctoral scholar at Yale University, she moved to Puerto Rico in 1987 with her husband, tropical ecologist John Parrotta. Through her background and domicile, she combines an interest in India and its many regions, local languages and cultures, British domestic and imperial culture in the Nineteenth Century, feminist theory, and Caribbean and Latin American issues. She has proposed innovative courses in these areas, including her latest ones focusing on the urban areas. Her recent books are Atlantic Gandhi: The Mahatma Overseas (Sage, 2013) and The Resonating Island: The Caribbean in Postcolonial Dialogue (Terranova, 2014). Her most recent work is in press titled, The Unsafe Sex: The Female Binary and public violence against women (Oxford University Press, Delhi, NY and London, forthcoming.) lcdo. héctor luis acevedo Profesor de derecho electoral y constitucional en la Escuela de Derecho de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico y Catedrático de Ciencias Políticas de la Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico. Fue comisionado electoral (1976-1984), secretario de estado de Puerto Rico (1985-1988) y alcalde de San Juan (1989-1996). Ha editado y publicado doce libros, el último de ellos en 2014, Dr. Antonio Fernós Isern: de médico a constituyente .