Catalogo de Investigaciones 2018-2019

120 ESCUELA DE ARQUITECTURA “eSports: The Newest Form of Spectator Sports Brings Profit to Puerto Rico” Architecture has always sought to provide space for specific users according to their interests: stadiums and gyms for athletes, museums for lovers of history and culture, casinos for gamblers, etc. However, there is currently a lack of physical architectural presence for the so-called gamers in the competitive field of eSports. In recent years, the video game industry has exploded under a very organic culture of online competition at an amateur level to a very structured and lucrative one at a professional level. Competitive events held throughout the world bring together large numbers of spectators and competitors, as well as video game, brands, hardware, accessories and services. Like any traditional athlete, eSports athletes require specific and dedicated spaces conducive to training and competition. In Puerto Rico, the eSports industry is in its initial stage, but the speed with which this alternative genre moves, it will surely reach inclusion in the international scene quickly. At the moment, Puerto Rico has a large number of enthusiasts and even world-class representatives in eSports events that have no real venue in which to flourish. The eSports industry generated more than 1.5 billion dollars in 2017, providing ample direct and indirect business opportunities, and many virtual athletes make a living in the sport. All factors considered, the design for a world class eSports training center and competition venue in Puerto Rico is not only feasible, but necessary. juan a. calzada navarro bachillerato en arquitectura mentor: arq. raúl rivera, arq. eduardo bermúdez y arq. jesús o. garcía esports architecture gaming neo-futurism geek