Catalogo de Investigaciones 2018-2019

124 ESCUELA DE ARQUITECTURA (Art)chitecture as a Social Manifestation Through Film Art, through all of its forms, has been a tool for expression and a snapshot of areas bygone since the dawn of our kind. It is the most widely used method of creating a record of cultures, events, people, places, ideas and society, and since the early 1900’s, film has provided the fourth dimension of time and movement to tell a story for future generations, and every culture has its own story to tell and method of communicating through art. The cinematic industry is probably the genre with the most reach in modern times, and its profitability and influence have made it the most powerful art form in history In Puerto Rico, the film industry has historically been particularly small because of lack of infrastructure for local and international talent to pursue all aspects of film, from adaptable locations, pre-production, post production and technology required in cinema today. The proposed project pursues to create the Puerto Rico Film District as a way to close the gap between traditional film production venues throughout the world and the local wealth of talent currently available and willing to partake in the industry, and to provide Puerto Rico with an influx of economy through filmmaking, art, tourism, retail, and business. ubaldo a. rosario vargas bachillerato en arquitectura mentor: arq. manuel de lemos, arq. jesús o. garcía, arq. luis v. badillo y arq. pilarín ferrer industry cinematic infrastructure puerto rico film district tourism