Primavera otoño 2020 (Año LXIII Núms. 122-123) Año LXIV Núm. 124-125 horizontes PRIMAVERA / OTOÑO 2021 PUCPR 81 nutrition was a critical point for the micropropagation of Citrus latifolia . Advances in temporary immersion optimized increased cellular absorption, provided increased quantities of samples, and allowed better gas exchange. Studying the behavior of the crop in the field offered an excellent reference to compare in-vitro behavior because it was genetically the same. The citrus industry represents an opportunity for agriculture in Puerto Rico because diseases, pests, and attack in citrus crops are minimized in tropical climates. The application of new techniques in biotechnology will be essential to resolve limitations of culturing citrus crops, specifically with the Citrus latifolia lime, commonly known as Persian lemon. In the future, plant tissue culture will allow us to obtain secondary compounds from cells by using bioreactors. Understanding cell nutrition will provide us with the opportunity to regenerate tissue to obtain new plants. Acknowledgments I want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication by Rosa I. Berrios Villarini, M.S. in the micropropagation program in CEIBA, and editing this manuscript by Dr. Dallas E. Alston, professor in the Department of Natural Sciences, PUCPR. References Aremu, A. O., Doležal, K., & Van Staden, J., (2017). New cytokinin-like compounds as a tool to improve rooting and establishment of micropropagation plantlets. Acta Horticulturae , 1155 , 497-504. 7.115.73 Bowman, K. D., & Albrecht, U. (2021). Improving winter growth in the Citrus nursery with LED and HPS supplemental lighting . HortScience , 56 (1), 21-27. 2-20 Bulbarela-Marini, J. E., Gómez-Merino, F. C., Galindo-Tovar, M. E., Solano-Rodríguez, L. A., Murgui-González, J., Pastelin- Solano, M. C., Núñez-Pastrana, R., & Castaneda-Castro, O. (2019). The in vitro propagation system of Citrus × latifolia ( Yu. Tanaka) Yu. Tanaka (Rutacea) affects the growth and depletion of nutriments. In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology- Plant , 55 , 290-295 . 099764 Devi, T. R., Dasgupta, M., Sahoo, M. R., Kole, P. C., & Prakash, N. (2021). High efficient de novo root-to-shoot organogenesis in Citrus jambhiri Lush.: Gene expression, genetic stability and virus indexing. PLOS ONE , 16 (2), 1-20. Figure 1. In vitro propagation process of Citrus latifolia . 21 days 21 days 21 days Plant Explant sterilization Initiation phase Multiplication phase Rooting phase Hardening