Catálogo de Investigaciones 2019-2020

CATÁLOGO DE INVESTIGACIONES | AÑO ACADÉMICO 2019-2020 87 The Deterioration of Marine Ecosystems Currently there is a great concern in the increasing scarcity and deterioration of marine ecosystems throughout the world. Climate change, pollution and human behavior are continually threatening the delicate balance within marine flora and fauna. Lack of political commitment, humancentered public policy, economic prioritization and limited public education do not provide for proactive and sustainable solutions to tackle the problem. The investigation and subsequent architectural design solution focus on education as the first and foremost strategy to disseminate factual science, information and sustainable social constructs towards mitigation. The premise of the problem and the conditions provide for the design an architectural program to attract researchers, marine biologists, students and the general public to also promote educational awareness, economy and another potential tourist attraction through a marine research center, museum and hotel. While the proposal was specifically design to be located in Puerto Rico, the final design solution could be site adapted to any location where marine research and education may become necessary. karimar lópez lópez bachillerato en arquitectura mentor: arq. luis v. badillo y arq. jesús o. garcía deterioration ecosystems conversation preservation restoration