Catálogo de Investigaciones 2019-2020

88 ESCUELA DE ARQUITECTURA SOS Center: Combating Hunger Ridden Cities “SOS Center: Combating Hunger Ridden Cities” is an architectural research project that investigates the role of food production and land use, reimagining architectural space within self-governing island countries. Cities are becoming increasingly overcrowded and accessible natural resources are becoming more limited. Poverty ridden communities are rampant in dense cities, such as Manila, Philippines, struggling with unreliable food distribution and hunger. After natural disasters, people are relocated from their communities and settled in temporary refugee camps where volunteering organizations and NGO’s are sent to care for the needy and bring basic life support essentials such as food, water, healthcare and education. The objective of the research project looks into how an overpopulated self- governing country, such as an island, can sustain itself and control its hunger and poverty levels among inhabitants through architectural design solutions during or after a crisis without relying on foreign help. The proposed Manila Lawton SOS Center is envisioned as the functional and proactive new Red Cross Manila Chapter, providing refugee housing, food storage and distribution, and hospice for displaced children, orphans and abandoned minors. By integrating the Manila Lawton SOS Center into established public transport systems, such as bus terminals, metro stations and the Pasig River Ferry, communities can be relocated to the centralized facilities, treated, fed and given temporary housing and education in a more efficient manner. The use of sustainable vertical farms, effective and fast paced food producers can grow healthy, edible and medicinal crops year-round and provide crop security during adverse natural phenomena. karla e. ruiz andújar bachillerato en arquitectura mentor: arq. pedro a. rosario, arq. jesús meléndez y arq. manuel de lemos hunger overpopulation vertical farming refugees poverty