Catálogo de Investigaciones 2019-2020

CATÁLOGO DE INVESTIGACIONES | AÑO ACADÉMICO 2019-2020 89 Emerging Space Science, Technology, Media, and Architecture Astronomy’s contribution to humanity is irrefutable. In ancient times, people used stars to keep track of time, be guides for traveling, anticipate growing seasons for crops, and celebrate religious ceremonies. In modern times, it has driven the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, and geology and pushed us towards economic and technological advancements like satellites for GPS and communication. The main goal of the investigation was to develop an architectural program and facility to inspire the next generation of scientists as well as STEM education. The project site required certain physical attributes with minimum light pollution for stargazing. Since Puerto Rico is closest to the equator it provided scientists a stable window to do so. Located near the Arecibo Observatory, and placed on a mountain crest so as not to disrupt observatory operations, the project uses the mountain’s existing topographical incline to maintain the observatory’s sightline and a cable car to reach the new proposed building’s main entrance. The project also provides areas for science driven art as well as a Training Center where simulators will be used to replicate tasks in which astronauts would go through. Laboratories and workshops are also included to provide existing programs like NASA’s Puerto Rico Space Grant Fellowship Program with new usable space. There is also an auditorium for lectures and screening (recorded or live) and extended visit hospitality rooms for visitors and scientists. lilybeth rentero ruiz bachillerato en arquitectura mentor: arq. jesús o. garcía y arq. manuel de lemos space science astronomy technology stem stargazing